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 Protect your dog from depression by making it sleep on a cloud of goodness 



No more stressing over your pet! Our team at Woofwayz is dedicated to your furry friends and their well-being. We acknowledge making them happy starts with the basics, “A BED”. Lack of sleep can lead to severe depression, high blood pressure, and a heart attack. 

Most of the time, dogs sleep on your bed, the floor, or even your furniture. This low quality of sleep is responsible for joints and articulations pain and an overall decline in your pet's mental health.

Give your pet a spot that belongs only to them.  Provide them with a spot where they feel safe and comfortable enough to retreat when you are not around.



Reintroduce your pet to quality sleep

Thanks to its practical design and incredibly soft faux fur, our Woofwayz Cloud Bed™ is designed to soothe joint pain and provide optimal support to your furry friend.  Getting quality rest significantly reduces anxiety and depression for our furry friends. Our Woofwayz Cloud Bed is so inviting, that dogs around the world are falling asleep in it in no time.

Approved by Dog lovers around the globe, our Woofwayz Cloud Bed™ will reintroduce your doggo to quality sleep and well-being while easing joint pain and anxiety. 


Soothing effect



The Woofwayz Cloud Bed™ is tailored for dogs and its design meets all of the conditions to ensure your pet instantly feels comfortable and quickly falls asleep.  The premium soft cotton stuffed inside the bed combined with the soft faux fur cover gives them the warmth that they need. The bed has a calming effect on their nervous system and as a result, eases their anxiety.

The rounded shape hugs their body which gives our friends a cocoon-like feeling and a sense of security. Ideal for pets who love to curl up and snuggle, the Woofwayz Cloud Bed™ provides your furry friends with premium comfort and its raised rim provides excellent head and neck support.




Dogs are conditioned to be surrounded by warmth and companionship and feel safer when you are around. They also have a hard time identifying spots that are theirs and others that are off-limits. They also tend to imitate their humans and want to be part of the party.