Paw Washer

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Are you constantly tired of having to wash your dog’s paws after every short walk outside? Is your pet giving you trouble when it comes to washing their paws? Then we have the solution.


  • HOW IT WORKS: From now on, all you have to do in order to clean your dog's paws after a walk is to put their paws in the water cup, give it a good stir and there you have it! Your dog’s paws are mud-free and ready to walk all around the house again thanks to our paw cleaner for dogs!
  • WITH BRISTLES: The pet paw cleaner doesn’t just offer a light rinse to your dog’s muddy paws: the silicone bristles on the insides of the cup will remove every last bit of dirt from your best friend’s paws, keeping him away from any discomfort or infection.
  • ONLY THE BEST FOR YOUR DOG: The dog paw cleaner is not only perfectly safe and comfortable for your dog, but the bristles performs a deep clean that will help with your pet’s hygiene and health. The silicone materials are BPA free and antibacterial, so your fluffy friend is taken care of at every wash.
  • FOR MEDIUM SIZED DOGS: The dog paw washing cup has the perfect size for medium breeds, so if you are the lucky owner of such a dog, you can make it forget about complicated bath washes after every walk and just use the paw cleaner instead: no mess and no mud in your home.