Interactive Treat Dispenser

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The internal “Labyrinth design” which greatly increases the “hunting” difficulty and time ordinarily spend on toys. Adjustable flaps to control the speed and difficulty of food discharge. Open the lid and you can conveniently add food. There are three vents on the top, making it easier for our furry friends to smell the treats. 
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS --- Made of durable ABS material, non-toxic, no odor, completely safe for pets, can directly add pet food to the food ball. Durable plastic does not easily break or rupture. Easy to clean with a removable cover.
  • IQ DEVELOPMENT --- Dog Food Dispenser Toy Balls reduce boredom and destructive behaviors through healthy games and sports while cultivating and maintaining your dog's physical alertness to fulfill its hunting instinct.
  • SLOW FEEDING --- Transparent water tank allows pets to easily find food. More work and physical activity will be required, and their hard work will be rewarded by food or snacks once they come out of the toy. It also slows down feeding and help digestion and bloating.
  • FUN FOOD DISPENSER --- This food dispenser allows dogs to see, smell, hear and discover snacks inside the toy. Compared with ordinary toys, it greatly prolongs the difficulty and capture time of pet hunting, can arouse the dog's interest and appetite, and is suitable for any small and medium-sized dogs.