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The shaggy pet bed mat creates a sense of security like being hugged. Provides anti-slip function, allowing cats or dogs to quickly calm down and get a comfortable and stable sleep.

A by-product from our WOOFWAYZ™ Cloud Furniture Protector©

If you are already familiar with our WOOFWAYZ™ Cloud Furniture Protector©, then you should be interested in our WOOFWAYZ™ Cloud Mat©.




The Cloud Mat©  and the Cloud Furniture Protector© are both super versatile depending on the situation! We highly recommend you get the mat with our Furniture Protector to feet all your furry friends' needs.



Calming effect – Soft

The material is the same as the Cloud Furniture Protector© It is made out of materials with anti-bacterial properties and is completely pet-safe combined with the soft faux fur and will keep your pet calm and will insures maximum comfort during winter. Don’t wait! Be prepared!

The mat can be set on different pieces of furniture, in the car, and in other settings. It will prevent your pooch from shedding in places where it is harder to clean. It is the perfect addition to your pet products.




🌊 Machine Washable Just throw the blanket in the machine and voila, no more stinky play-in-the-mud pup smell! To prevent matting, please be sure to dry the bed in the DRYER immediately after washing (gentle cycle, tumble dry, low heat is what is recommended).




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